Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tamil Politicians are narrow-minded fanatics, not the Tamil People

The Tamil Politicians

Take any Tamil Politician and look at his or her statements. You would think that he or she lives and dies for the Tamil language and the Tamil-speaking people. Only a few are exceptions, but they mostly are unelectable and belong to the national political parties who do not have much grass root support in the state of Tamilnadu. Any one capable of winning an election takes an extreme position on the twin-issues of primacy of Tamil language and priority for the Tamil people. The general impression outside the state of Tamilnadu is that the politicians , in doing so, represent the people's aspirations ; in other words, the Tamil people are narrow-minded and intolerant of other linguistic groups in India. Is this impression correct? No, it is totally incorrect.

The Tamil people are liberal by nature

Look at the following facts and infer your conclusions.

*Tamilnadu has had two Chief Ministers in the past, whose mother tongue was not Tamil. They were Omandhur Ramaswamy Reddy and M.G.Ramachandran. The former had Telugu as mother tongue. The latter, a Malayalee, was the most popular Chief Minister the state has ever had.

*The man who is being considered as a future Chief Minister, Vijayakanth speaks Telugu at home. His popular support is growing and worrying the two major Dravidian Parties.

*Vaiko, the firebrand pro-LTTE politician, is from a Telugu-speaking family settled in South Tamilnadu.

*The No. 1 Tamil movie star of the earlier era was MGR, a non-Tamil. Today's No.1 is Rajnikanth, a Maharashtrian by birth.

*90% of the Tamil film directors of the 1950-s and 1960-s were Telugu-speaking men. eg.: P.Pulliah, D.Yoganand, B.N.Reddy, Sridhar, K.S.Gopalakrishnan, Ch.Narayanamoorthy, L.V.Prasad, Madhavan, Y.V.Rao, K.S.Prakash Rao, T.Prakash Rao, Chanakya etc. Among the rest too , a good number was from other linguistic groups. eg. P.Shankar (Malayalam), Dada Mirasi (Marathi), Sundar Rao Nadkarni(Konkani), A.Bhim Singh (Hindi).

*95% of the Tamil Heroines from the 1950-s to till today are from linguistic groups other than Tamil. eg.: Savitri, Kannamba, Jamuna, Anjali Devi, Devika ( all yesteryear and all Telugu). Saroja Devi, Sowkar Janaki ( yesteryear and Kannada), Padmini, Ambika, Radha ( yesteryear and Malayalam), Nayanthara, Asin, Navya, Mira Jasmine (all Today's and Malayalam), Simran (Today's and Punjabi), Shreya Saran (Today's and Hindi). Even the top TV serial Heroine Devyani is non-Tamil ( Konkani).

I could give examples of the topmost Govt. officials who are non-Tamil but I have restricted the examples to Politics and Movies because no one can make it in these two fields without popular support.

I view this situation as unprecedented anywhere in India. While Hindi movies have people from all the states, their market too exists throughout India. But non-Hindi politicians can not make it in any of the Hindi-speaking states. Non-Marathi actors can not make it in Marathi movies. A person whose mother tongue is not Bengali can never aspire to be the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

I conclude that while the people of Tamilnadu are among the most liberal, cosmopolitan and nationalistic linguistic groups in the entire country , the Tamil politicians are an outdated and narrow-minded lot. This gives a wrong impression about the state in the rest of India.


raagga said...

wy is that always tamils have to prove that they r not anti hindi or they r not fanatics
.shud we tamilians think north indians are fanatics bcos there are no non hindi sign boards/no tamil in schools/no audience for tamil movies,songs beyond the vindhyas.will these along with many other questions make a north indian anti tamil and anti southindia. since they dont do any of these aint they against other linguistic groups...come on man.

tamils r very much tolerant to other languages and culture but the examples u took to arrive at that conclusion are trivial. a trip to sowcarpet will tell u how rajasthanis are thriving here. there are malayalee medium schools in coimbatore.madurai has a huge sourashtra population. and tn has 13% of telugu population .most of them were landlords who settled in south tn during vijaynagar empire.they have mingled with the tamil culture so much that tamils dont see them as telugus(nayakkar,reddy,naidus)though those ppl are doing very well economically.vaiko and vijayakanth have come up to public life bcos they were traditionally zamindars with land and money under their ancestral belt which gave them enough muscle power.
film actors are totally a different story.
tamilians r generally friendly and curious to know abt the outside culture and welcome them too. its only wen asked those stupid questions
1. wy dont u guys speak the national language 2.wy dont u
guys listen to hindi songs...3.they still bring out the topic of blackening hindi sign boards out of public display which happenend in 1960.many do not understand that it was just a political tool by dmk. and the arguement goes on
wats the answer if i revert the questions....

Anonymous said...

Tamil is the most popular of all the south indian languages

When you say south india, the language that comes to any body's mind is Tamil. That is the power & popularity of Tamil language

When you say that mother tongue of a particular person in Tamil nadu is Telugu or Malayala or when you say that there are lot of Telugu people in Tamilnadu, you are accepting the power and popularity of Tamil, becos those people have identified themselves as Tamilians.

So called Telugus or any Non Tamilians living in Tamilnadu are Tamilians for all practical purposes. They are fluent in Tamil both in reading and writing and they use only Tamil both for verbal & written communication even among themselves. They do not know to read and write Telugu. When they rarely speak Telugu within thier family 80% of it is Tamil.
Also since all the so called Telugu people in Tamilnadu use only Tamil among them selves,it is impossible for them to identify other Telugu people because none of them speak Telugu.

Hence the more some one says there are so many Telugus in Tamilnadu, the more he is accepting the popularity and power of Tamil language.

Swaminathan S said...

Tamil politicians are not the only fanatics. The Northern politicians want to enforce Hindi not only in their own states, but other states as well. They expect that every Tamil living in Tamilnadu to know Tamil, whereas in their own states they are expected to know only Hindi and not even English. You go to most North Indian states, you will find sign boards only in Hindi; whereas in Tamilnadu it is in both Tamil and English.

jagadesh said...

Jai "Telugu", Desha bhasalandhu "Telugu" Lessa. Telugu is a India's 2nd Largest speaking Language. In Tamil Nadu more than 40% mother tounge Telugu. At present also but Govt T.N showing fake %No's.
Govt of T.N please Announce "Telugu"
is 2nd Language in Tamil Nadu.

Pannvalan Pann said...

Please visit this link:

From Tamil nadu said...

Tamilnadu is a total mess.

A little history will help to know the exact problem.

ALL-IS-TRUE said...

Let us talk something really useful and help people understand the real problem of tamilnadu

Tamilnadu along with kerala and some southern parts of todays karnataka and andhra had been a seperate country or group of interrelated countries who frequently changed boundaries among themselves.

They warred among themselves intermarried, migrated within this land among themselves. And a civilization formed rich in economy, science, astronomy.

This has been the case since 1000 BC till 1350 AD.


Hinduism is followed by the Brahmins of Tamilnadu who migrated here around 2000 years back. The Brahmins made the medeivial chera, chola, pandya kings Hindus-- by all their planned magics and orchestrated therories. Still you can see - for each temple in tamilnadu a huge land is donated and written for some Brahmin group, who cannot claim it, but can enjoy it in their lifetimes.
Now the main story. The Pandya kings in 1320 were defeated by the Delhi Sultanate. This brought in Muslims to Tamilnadu.

And the Delhi Sultanate were defeated by Vijayanagara empire in 1380.

The vijayanagar kings were mainly telugu and kannada people. To maintain their control over the Tamil country, they brought in large number of Telugu people, kannadiga and telugu/ knaanda speaking Brahmins and made them settle here. And it is obvious how the settled people will be seen by the native people. So the enmity between Telugu people and Tamil people of Tamilnadu dates back to few centuries.

The vijayanagara and their reminiscents - the nayak kings were in control of tamilnadu till 1700 - when the vijayanagara rulers was defeated by the Deccan Sultans and Tamilnadu came under the rule of deccan Sultans and Maratha for around 40 years. Then came the British who took control of everything. From 1750 - 1950 - Tamilnadu was under British rule.

Now the demographics of Tamilnadu.

1 ---- Native Tamil people


All Coundar, vellalar/ pillai, nadaar, chettiar, thevar/kallar, pallar, most mudhaliyaar, most vanniyar, parayar, most christians, most muslims and innumerable (around 500) small groups of native tamil country
2 ---- Telugu and Kannada (so called Dravidians - periyar, Anna, MGR, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha) people

All naidu, reddy, telungu chettiar, telungu vanniyar, telungu mudhaliyaar

POPULATION > 10 % < 15 %

These people are hugely influential in Tamilnadu because of Dravidian politics
3 ---- The third group Brahmins
mostly (around 90%) are native Tamil Brahmins

They keep it to themselves, mostly selfish, highly thinking, staunch Hindus

Tamilnadu politics is a war between these 3 groups always. The Dravida people with the help of grou (1) defeated group (3) in round 1
of Tamilnadu politics.

Now the second round has started and the Dravida people are starting to be in the receving end.

And the story geos on. . .. .

Anonymous said...

Tamils are the most fanatic group based linguistic things. With just 10% of the population in SriLanka, they need all rights even separate nation, but in Tamilnadu (name itself is a historical misnomer) 40% Telugus,8% Kannada, 3% Malayalam, 3%Urdu,2%sourastra, 2%marati and balance 40% is Tamils.
Tamil fanatcis with in two generations have Tamilized 3 crore Telugus and now proudly say, Tamils are 7 crore. SO who is Hegemonic, Tamils or Rajapakse.
The numbers given by Tamilnadu govt is the world's worst bogus numbers, it says 5.65% are Telugus, only Just Madiga population itself is 6% as per SC data, then where do Naidus, Nayakars, Reddys, Chetti, and more than 70% of Anna university application carries Telugu castes.
So who is Fanatical here, with just 40% you are controlling and destroying Telugu culture and language.
Tamils land is in Kumarikaantam (you people still believe such stuffs) better go there, The land from Vindhyamala to Vanamamala is Telugu desam for the known history and had been ruled by only Telugus from Satavahanas, Kalabaras, Pallavas, Chalukiyas, Telugu Chodas, (a branch is cholas after vijayalaya chola), Kakatiyas, Reddi kingdoms and Vijyanagar and Nayak kingdoms.
Only 200 years Pandyas ruled (even 50% of them are Sinhala blood).
With all this history, Tamils have achieved so much, thanks only to the so called Dravidian leaders (Telugu, as per your view). without them, Tamilnadu will not be there and in Large Telugu desam, you might be a district. You have got more than you deserve, so just shut up and do not bring Telugus in to this nonsense (to all the commentators)

Anonymous said...

This Gulti wanker who has posted above has just rambled on about Tamilnadu and Tamils in general of which not even an iota carries any sense. He's compared the situation of Telugus/other linguistic groups in TN to the situation of SL Tamils. For shit's sake gimme a break! You nincompoop don't even know the plight of the Tamils there. What's happening there is ethnic cleansing-the extermination of a whole race. Now tell me whether Gultis and other linguistic groups face any such discrimination here? They use our resources;they practice their culture and breed their race in our homeland. Where the hell was discrimination.Do you know how many incidents of ethnic pogroms have Tamils faced in SL? just search Black July in Google. That will help shove some sense into your shithole-esque brain. And did we force Vaiko or other gultis to bring up the Tamil cause? Politicians use it for their advantage -that shows their opportunist nature.It's none of Tamils' fault. This parasitic attitude came from your "superior" Gulti blood, maybe.U have the sense of a one-legged retard my friend. you are calling pandyas as sinhalese. Pls dont braing to shame the whole telugu community. I know some really knowledgeable ppl there. You certainly you are not one of them .And stop crapping here out of pure jealousy u bastard. Tamils>>>>Gultis. Period.

Anonymous said...

you mean tamilans worship all others

anonymous said...

Well said

anonymous said...

There is a theory that sinhalese have people of telugu origin no wonder this guys is going bonkers in support of telugu people some sinhalese politicians are of telugu origin as
well the dravidian politicians intentionally lost our tamil land to kerala, karnataka,and andhra tamil property is currently being enjoyed by these states unknown fact is that so many tamils were murdered in kerala border during the border disputes
during the 50's when they raised their voice for inclusion of their locality with tamil nadu its time for tamils to rise up

anonymous said...

These are not brahmins of tamil origin though they speak tamil it is a mix of telugu brahmin , kannada brahmin ,some jews who settled in chennai centuries ago , some so called aryans and some tamil parppanar this group 3 will never allow group 1 to come up in politics u can include mudaliyar and pillai under group 3 as they are supportive to these mix of brahmins

Pradeep Singh said...

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Anonymous said...

Famous Telugu people of Tamilnadu

1) Raja of Kuppam
2) S.p.balasubramaniam
3) M.balamuralikrisshna
4) G.D Naidu
5) Buchi babu naidu-cricketer
6) P.theagaraya chetty
7) A.Subbarayalu reddiar
8) B.Munuswamy Naidu
9) Ramakrishna ranga rao of Bobbili
10) Kurma Venkata Reddy Naidu
11) O.P.Ramaswamy Reddiyar
12) P.S.Kumaraswamy Raja
13) M.R Radha
14) Kumaresan Duraisamy –Napolean
15) Actress Savitri
16) Apollo hospitals
17) E.v k Pariyar
18) Veera pandya kataboman
19) Kumara Kampanna Udayar
20) Vaiko
21) Karunanadhi
22) Vijaykanth
23) Thalapakkati biryani naidu
24) Madurai nayaks
25) Thanjavur nayaks
26) Gingee nayaks
27) Rani mangamal
28) Raja of pudukottai
29) Raja of panagal
30) Raja of kalahasti
31) Raja of bobilli
32) Raja of pithapuram
and many more...................

Unknown said...

Well said about the current situation of Tamilnadu.Top Tamilnadu Politics