Monday, February 8, 2010

Portents for future of Indian Democracy

The politics in India is churning. For the better. Look at the following straws in the wind.

*Shiv Sena is licking its wounds and has withdrawn its boycott call of Shah Rukh Khan's film " My name is Khan". The principal reason is that there is no enthusiasm from the Marathi Manush for the latest clownish act of the Sena.

*The BJP has come out against the parochial slogan of its long-time ally Shiv Sena "Mumbai for Marathis". The Sangh Parivar including the BJP would have nothing to do with such sectarian stands; they would rather have Mumbai for all Indians.

*Mr.Narendra Modi, the Gujarat CM has praised the Home Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram and the Home Secretary Mr.Pillai for the swiftness with which the two are proceeding on the various internal security matters.Good deeds deserve non-partisan praise ! One efficient administrator praising another efficient administrator !

*The Congress party has held its ally Mr.Sharad Pawar responsible for 'talking up' the prices of essential commodities. The Maratha strongman's irresponsible statements on prices fuelling speculation and hoarding have been condemned by all the parties except his own.

*Mr.Amar Singh has been sacked from the Samajwadi party . The party has decided to say 'Good Bye' to the policies of co-opting and doing the bidding of Corporate Honchos and Bollywood biggies. Now the party will return to its Socialist moorings.

*Mr.Rahul Gandhi, the 'crown prince' of the Congress party is talking of inner-party democracy and openly admitting that the doors to most of the political parties in India are closed to every one other than the relatives or friends of the leaders of the parties. He wants this to change and is willing to do his bit towards change in his own party.

So far so good ! At last some steps towards a more matured politics.

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