Friday, October 18, 2013

Modi , the fire in the BJP's belly

Why is Narendra Modi feared? The answer is not difficult to find if we first ask the counter-question. Who fears him? The vested interests. The politicians of different parties. The ' secular' lobby who wants to keep the minorities illiterate and poor by treating them as a vote-bank. Those journalists , both from the print and the electronic media, who sell their souls to politicians , power brokers and corrupt businessmen for the sake of a few foreign trips, liquor bottles ,routine gifts and a rare nomination to Rajya Sabha or some Govt. body. The NGO-s who have profited from making poverty a business idea. The corrupt officers of the Government departments. it is not the Aam Admi who fears him. Otherwise why should every survey of public opinion put him on top of the list of preferred Prime Ministerial candidates? The vested interests do not want to see some one in a powerful position, who can not be bought. They looked for and failed to find any price tag on him. The man has no wife or kids. He has no interest in amassing property for himself or for any one else related to him.His mother lives in a small apartment with his brother. His brother uses public transport. None of his relatives has become rich , exploiting his or her closeness to the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He refuses to wear a scull cap just to please a certain section of the people. He does not grant special interviews to high profile media stars, giving them a huge break in their career. So, all the men( or women) in black ( or with black heart) have no option but to hate him; this man threatens their very survival in a way no politician has ever done before. Nehru was totally out of touch with ground realities. He was an European in Indian skin. His wooly non-alignment and disproportionate interest in international politics consumed most of his time in office. Shastri was a grass-roots leader, but remained as PM for too short a period to make a difference. Indira Gandhi could be pampered through sycophancy and servility to the Family and crumbs of privilege fetched from her. Rajiv Gandhi could be softened through Doon School connections and support on controversial issues like Bofors . V.P.Singh was on a hopeless trip to find a mention in the history books for cleansing the society of caste system; he had no time to notice the looters as long as they did not oppose Mandal. Narasimha Rao was an old world politician and had use for courtiers as long as they loathed the Gandhi family. Gowda was a sleeping farmer,any one whose waking hours are short could not be a threat. Gujral thought most of the time about making peace with Pakistan where his birthplace is located; he was hardly aware of what was happening in India. Vajpayee as PM was a goody-goody type, wanting to take every one along with him. Being a poet, he could not be stern even with the bad but powerful elements of society. Man Mohan Singh carries out the Family's orders; so why not court the Family instead of him? Now comes a man from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and says' Better behave or else....' , showing the stick. You can not bribe him. You can not frighten him. You can not blackmail him. He is both honest and efficient. He has no feet of clay. No scams. Is not afraid of criticism.What choice do the vested interests have other than fearing him and expressing their fear through hate articles and hate comments? Pity them ! Every time a Burkha Dutt or a Vir Sanghvi or a Manish Tiwari or a Jairam Ramesh or a Diggy Raja or a Renuka Choudhary badmouths him, a couple of hundred thousand voters join the Modi bandwagon afresh. Chug Chug gaadi Modi ki, Pakad gayi ab tej Gati, Socho mat kahin beech me aane ki, Pahunchayegi bure logon ko avashya kshati !

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