Friday, November 8, 2013

E-filed your IT return? But whose e-mail id is in it?

As more and more income tax assesses have to or choose to file their income tax returns electronically, certain things have to be kept in mind. One of the important things to watch out is the e-mail id you give in the ITR. Many e-file their returns through chartered accountants or income tax consultants. It is more often than not that the CA-s / IT consultants give their own e-mail id in the ITR rather than that of the assesse. This is done with the good intention that the consultant can keep track of the receipt of ITR-V at CPC, Bangalore since CPC sends a mail confirming the receipt of ITR-V at their end. So far so good. But problems arise when you change the consultant or decide to e-file on your own next year. After the assessment, CPC sends an intimation under section 143-1 either indicating a refund or raising a demand ; this intimation is sent through e-mail to the mail id declared in your relevant ITR. When your former IT consultant receives it, he might not forward it to you if he has no records of your e-mail id because of the fact that you are no more his client. So, whenever you e-file your ITR through a consultant, insist that your e-mail id is declared in it rather than that of the consultant. This is for future. But those of you who have just changed their consultant or begun filing returns on their own and so have missed out on the intimation sent by CPC on their last year's returns should log on to the e-filing website of Income Tax Department and change their particulars regarding e-mail id to which information should be sent by the IT department. In addition, they can ask for a fresh electronic copy of CPC intimation under section 143-1.

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